"Strike while the iron’s hot" - have you ever heard that and wondered what it actually means? In terms of selling a home in New England it means listing yours for sale while others are waiting for the spring flowers to bloom.

Turn winter’s unique challenges into advantages - by doing so you could earn more money and a much easier sale process. Meaning, buyers who offer more money and have easier expectations to work with. 

Recently in a listing prep session we talked about our most effective tips to help the client successfully sell their home during the winter this year. We want you to reap the rewards and enjoy the benefits as well.

  • Keep your home warm enough for people to want to take off their coats and stay a while, but not so hot they rush through the viewing. You want to keep the  heat at a minimum of 68 degrees and a maximum of 72 degrees. The goal is to get buyers to take off their coats and want to stay a while. Consider adding extra throw blankets or pillows to furniture to create a visual presentation of a warm and inviting atmosphere. 


  • Despite the cold weather, it's important to maintain curb appeal and there’s no better way to prove your home is well maintained than keeping the walkway and driveway free of snow and ice. Clear snow and ice from walkways and driveways frequently, and ensure that the exterior of your home is well-lit, adding outdoor lighting to highlight key features and create a welcoming ambiance is crucial as is being sure showings after the sun goes down go smoothly. Salt and sand before every cluster of viewings, smart sellers keep a bag of salt at the door for people to access easily in case of unexpected ice. Consider hiring a snow plowing company to have at the ready for winter weather. This will help make it easier for you to be ready for pre-open houses and/or private showings.salt and sand before every cluster of viewings. Keep a bag of salt at the door for people to access easily in case of unexpected ice.
  • With colder temperatures, energy efficiency becomes a significant selling point. Highlight any energy-efficient features your home may have, such as updated insulation, double-pane windows, or a modern heating system. Have your recent electric bills ready to showcase the cost savings associated with these improvements. This not only demonstrates your home's commitment to sustainability but also provides potential buyers with concrete evidence of lower utility costs. Remember, emphasizing the financial benefits of a well-insulated and energy-efficient home can be a powerful incentive for buyers, especially during the winter months when utility bills tend to rise.
  • During winter, muddy and wet shoes can be a challenge for maintaining a clean and presentable home. Create a designated spot near the entrance for shoe removal during showings. A sturdy doormat, a boot tray, or even a small bench with shoe covers can help keep your floors pristine. Not only does this demonstrate your commitment to maintaining the property, but it also allows potential buyers to explore your home without worrying about tracking in winter debris. Consider providing a polite sign encouraging visitors to use the shoe removal station, ensuring a positive first impression that lasts. By implementing this simple yet effective practice, you're not only preserving the cleanliness of your home but also showing consideration for the comfort and experience of those interested in buying your property. Remove any window air conditioning units, any unsightly weather stripping, any stationary fans as well so people can enjoy the space in it’s true condition. 

Selling your home in winter comes with its unique challenges without a doubt, especially in Massachusetts and New Hampshire. By making your property warm and inviting, you can stand out in a potentially less crowded market.

Implementing these winter home selling tips will help you create a positive impression on potential buyers and increase your chances of a successful sale.

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