Are you looking for a career you can be proud of?

Lisa can help.

Would you like to...

Earn more income and work fewer hours while building a business you can be proud of? No cold calling. No door knocking. No bad attitudes.

We have built a proven system

Lisa and her team have perfected systems, strategies, and steps to build agents' careers in a meaningful and profitable way, quickly. There's no need for you to live paycheck to paycheck and work nonstop all while feeling anxiety and stress.

With the right leads, the right introductions and the smartest strategies, practical coaching and training, you can have a career that is both emotionally and financially rewarding!


Are you dreaming of having nights off?

What about weekends to sleep in? Work-free vacations all while building wealth. With our modern approach, those goals are absolutely attainable. 

Are you ready to pay off college tuition? Daycare? Monthly bills? We've been there. 

We understand and we can help you to change your life.

Maybe you've sold some houses.

Earned some success.

But you're ready for more!  We can help you go from 20 sales a year to 35 or 40, 40 sales a year to 50 + .


What to expect in your first 60 days.

When a new agent partners with us, we work to see them with 3 pending sales in the first 60 days.

Goal setting - We have a one-on-one goal setting meeting where we discuss your potential, what systems and tools we will provide that will support your efforts, what training will benefit you most. 

ESA - Building a for profit business starts with effective service area planning. Knowing what towns, what price points, and what communities have the most sales available to you is the smartest place to start. 

Income planning - Once we know your service areas, your goal property types, your strengths.

Systems introduction - We provide life changing & world class systems, Curaytor, Ylopo, Chime, retargeting ads, remarketing ads, there's so much available to you here at no cost. We set up the introduction in an easy to understand way and work through at your pace.


Wait, that's not all!

CRM - It's time for leads! Once you know how to use the Customer Relationship Management system we introduce you to past clients who need you, new clients, and set up your lead ads targeting YOUR goal clients, we load you up with leads and help you get them out into the field. 

Deal Mentorship - One of the things that has proven to be most profitable for our partners is our deal mentorship. Imagine knowing what to share, when to share it, how to explain it to your clients in a meaningful way. That's life changing stuff. 

Transaction coordinators - Once you have your first sales pending you'll want help, so that you can focus on obtaining and earning more sales, not the paperwork and processes that slow you down. We provide exceptional assistance at no cost to you. 

Custom marketing pieces - We want to show the world how successful you are. Working with our design team, our marketing team and our ad partners we can create custom pieces to celebrate your sales. 

Ongoing high level training - For those who love to learn, we coach with the best of the best, Chris Voss, Jimmy Mackin & Curaytor, Cheplak coaching, Tom Ferry. I bring opportunities that will help you grow stronger, more quickly on a monthly basis.  We offer many proprietary systems and strategies that we don't share publicly.


Lisa builds Industry Leaders. 

We will empower you on the best ways to educate your clients about the market, the industry, the right techniques and strategies to buy or sell.

We will bring you the best systems from world-class marketing with Curaytor, Ylopo, Internal Marketing platforms and many others to the smartest CRM's like follow up boss and chime. 

We provide the training and set up from day 1, so you can plug in and start helping people.

Inman News, HGTV, Forbes, Bank Rate, Usa Today, convention organizers, News Center 5, have all trusted Lisa to educate their audience about the market.

Lisa is a lifelong learner, teacher, and mentor. She openly shares what's working, how to build the steps into your business, and most importantly how to leverage what we do to enjoy the life you we working to build!


Lisa, Ben Kinney, Alex T on the main stage, at Inman Connect, teaching agents how to grow their business in a turbulent market.


Lisa, Ben Kinney, Alex T on the main stage, at Inman Connect, teaching agents how to grow their business in a turbulent market.


Leading discussions alongside some of the most respected and most accomplished leaders in the industry was a true honor.  

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