How to Sell for More Money & Keep more in your pocket

How to Sell for More Money & Keep more in your pocket

Imagine the time to sell your home is coming, you'll enjoy having a sensible plan + an agent you can trust. We all want the money we deserve after caring for and paying for our houses, you wont  want to "give it away" and neither will I. I will maximize your sale price and the cash you walk away with. 

There’s 4 very common types of home sellers, which one are you? 

1 Lovely home, no reason you have to rush, but life’s changed and it’s almost time. You want to enjoy a simple sale. A process where you’ll be comfortable and you’ll receive a maximum sale price. 

I have got you covered. With our behind the scenes talented staff and our listing systems I can have your home showing up as the star of the market on your timeline. 

2 Life's been a little rough. Maybe you got behind on bills or the roof leaked, heating system died. It’s time to sell the house you’ve loved, where the edges are worn where the kids or pets played the way they do. It needs paint, and *stuff* done to make it shine. You want and you deserve a maximized sale price based on all the time money and effort you had put in, I’ll make it happen. 

3 Privacy please. You want top dollar, but the idea of all that fanfare feels icky. Skip the *extra attention*. No for sale signs. No open houses. No public MLS. I get it, for some a private sale makes a lot of sense. 

4 Flip your own house. You want the higher price that comes with better condition but you need someone to cover the up front costs. You know your house would sell for more if you painted and freshened it up but there’s no extra money in the bank that you can risk using. You would feel better putting it on the market looking like it’s right out of HGTV but need the cash to do it. I’ve got you covered. 

Before listing the house we come up with a strategic repair plan for only the necessities that will get you a good return. We work with a contractor to do the work who gets paid by my company and you pay them back at closing. There’s lots of little details but that’s the overview. The home looks fabulous, you feel good, you get the money you were expecting all along. 

How I sell homes - 

What I do isn’t the typical “stuff”. So my results aren’t your typical results. 

First I listen, to you, to your goals for your home, to what make it special so I can relate it in a way that shows it in its best light. 

Then I create an easy to understand pricing plan offering you 3 options to choose from with the pros and cons of each.

Once you and I have our pricing strategy, we determine your real estate commission plan that only gets paid at closing and not otherwise. 

You have options. 

After that, I work with my launch team to create and implement a strategic pre listing preparation plan. 

They do the behind the scenes stuff so I can be in your home, on the phone with buyers and agents, out in the real world and at networking events actually doing the work of selling your home. 

With their help, I can be exactly where you need me to be, doing the real work of selling your home. 

Next up I work with my phenomenal media team to create the ideal photos, video, drone shots, floorplans to prepare for our very custom launch because no two homes are the same. 

Our advertising, marketing and remarketing are sponsored, boosted, bought and paid for, highly publicized appropriately to create smart demand. 



The more people who know your home is an option the more offers I can bring you. 

The more offers I bring you, the more opportunities you benefit from.

When Launch day arrives, it is exciting! That’s the day all of our hard work goes public and your home hits MLS. 

Our next step is to start viewings. We show the home during 2 or 3 pre planned viewing times you selected and set before launch day. This is so you know exactly when the house needs to be empty and looking it’s best. This is so we can skip last minute random showings. 

Our strategic viewings AKA open houses are where it happens! I and at least one if not two or even three of my partners are in your home hosting potential buyers. 

We aim to make this the most comfortable open house our buyers have ever visited. 

People literally say to me all the time that they learned more at our open house than in months of searching. 

We aren’t just standing around chit chatting. We are casually and comfortably helping potential buyers learn what makes YOUR home so valuable and so special. 

We are listening to their stories and needs and sharing the insight that will help them to see how the home could be right for them. 

Showing them the ins and outs of the structure; the system, the yard, the neighborhood.

Me teaching them how to buy your home is an enormous asset to you. 

We provide the buyers with a pre completed calendar of what days you would like certain steps to happen so they make good choices on their offer form. This is so that they give you the dates you are comfy with, so you can move on with your life, on your terms. 

We are confidently openly discussing your pricing strategy and doing all we can to maximize your sale price.

Our role is to package your home in a way that attracts the right attention at the right time, from real buyers who are serious and qualified. 

I will manage your home and your sale whether it’s big, luxurious, petite, brand new or in need of a lot of TLC with the utmost respect and care. 

I will provide the services and attention needed to totally exceed your expectations. 

Simply put, I’ll be here along side you to manage all of the big and little steps along the way.

Personally I'll make sure you feel confident knowing you are in control all along the way. That you are enjoying the process and know what’s happening when and why, that you are making decisions that are right for you. 

You have choices, don’t risk leaving real money behind when you sell. 

Here’s the proof what we do works. 

#1 Team Andover areas - My partners and I are the #1 COMPASS Andover team for closed sales since 2020.

#1 Team MA and NH - My partners and I are the #1 Team selling homes in both MA and NH for 2023 COMPASS.

#1 Real estate US brokerage. COMPASS was again just named the #1 real estate brokerage for selling more home volume than any other company, and we are no where near the biggest. 

Top 5 New England team. We are within the top 5 most trusted teams for all of COMPASS New England responsible for successfully closed referral transactions 2023.

We are ranked top 2% of all Realtors across all companies since 2021. 

We are also genuinely kind people who love our work. 

To casually discuss your goals with me personally reach me at 9784573406 by text, call or email at [email protected]

How and when do I get paid? Let's talk about it. 

Our listing agreements are easy to understand, consumer focussed, with very short dates for your comfort.

Our commission fee structure is extremely fair. 

You’ll see what we do, how we do it, determine what you are comfortable with and we will work together to find your perfect buyer.


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