Now Hiring

Now Hiring

If I taught you how to sell homes at the same level that I do, that my partners do, could you and would you do ? 

I mean all of it, everything, from start to finish. 

I spent the first 5 years of my career thinking so small.Trading dinners at home with my family with running around non stop. 

During that time I was rookie of the year for a major corporation, rookie of the year for the our real estate board, consistently highest listing agent, highest selling agent, most exhausted and definitely overworked because I didn’t actually know what I needed to. 

I had no idea what I didn’t know and it makes me cringe looking back today at what I thought success looked and felt like. 

Here’s what I needed to be taught….

For a new agent learning these 4 things is the toughest part of working with people who are considering selling a home.

The key to helping buyers at a high level is understanding the mindset, goals, needs and wants of seller clients. 

If you can’t price homes, negotiate home sales or help seller clients understand value how can you really educate buyers on how to negotiate with them?

To earn real income in real estate, income that you can depend on, you have got to get into the field actually selling asap and master these skills. 

  1. How to assess a property’s real value appropriately in a shifting market.
  2. Discover what to do to maximize the home’s value with effective marketing, in person showing skills, open house guidance and negotiation techniques.
  3. Effectively guide people through decision making, help them determine if it makes sense to sell or whether staying put or renovating is more appropriate based on their goals and needs.
  4. Manage the sale process in a way that leaves people feeling comfortable, appreciative and satisfied with the outcome. 

We are ranked top 1.5% of over 1,500,000 Realtors in the US and rising. 

In a declining market where there are far fewer sales than ever, we are thriving and growing with a tiny team. 

The production of 4 full time agents, 1 part time agent by years end will manage total closed and pending, right around 100 sales. 

Can you imagine how your business would grow if about 40,000 people in your community were seeing you marketing your listings in a meaningful way within just a few days of them hitting the market? Imagine how many in person opportunities you would have to meet people and choose who you would want to work with? You would feel like you had some stability, you would know who your upcoming clients were, you would know how to actually help them. 

The team’s extensive marketing efforts reaching on average 40,000 people in a matter of just a few days with our listings. 

Our past track record of success, our long standing client relationships and our reputation for success nationally provides consistent opportunities opens doors for us and gives us opportunities new agents would struggle to gain on their own. 

The cherry on top of all we offer is our substantial client acquisition purchases that are provided to the team. 

We believe very person deserves an extraordinary sale process and comfortable move, we know that starts with us. 

If we feel good about who we work with, what we do, how we do it, we know we can help people. 

If you are the type of person who loves to learn, loves people, likes beautiful homes and wants to build a longstanding solid career for themselves we can get you into the field in a matter of just a few days. 

The systems and services we provide would cost an individual agent approximately $1400 per month. 

The busier you get the greater the team investment is into your business. This is separate and in addition to the robust offering that COMPASS provides. 

From the highly effective 3rd party systems we use like our CRM and our home evaluation model (that will tell you exactly who to call when), to our marketing platform that highlights our success, the quality of our presentation,  non stop lead generation, non stop lead remarketing, personal branding for you to showcase your skill to your sphere and community, transaction management, signage & so much more. 

The coaching and training we provide, at no cost to our partners is easily a master’s level degree in real estate business building.

We start at the very beginning, show you how to manage all of the steps involved with a transaction from the initial set up of your system, to mls, to offer writing, to how to show a home effectively, to how to create a showing tour efficiently, to how to help a client assess what loan type and lender is right for them and the home they are considering, to actual sales management, to client care, to relationship management, long term growth through marketing and agent to agent referrals. The list is too long to fit here.

If it’s a skill you need to run a profitable real estate business within our team, we will teach it to you or we will get you access to the highest level coaching experts who can. 

We are actively hiring new agents for northern MA, southern NH, seacoast Ma, seacoast Nh, mid NH Manchester/Nashua over to the seacoast. 

When you are ready to grow call me at 978 457 3406. 


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When selling a home, you deserve an industry expert. Someone who cares enough to share an honest assessment of your home’s value and motivated to create the most impactful presentation possible to reach out and grab buyers from across town as well as across the globe.

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