While most folks picture lazy snow days and cozy fires when they think of January/February, I, your trusted neighborhood real estate agent, who's actually in the field daily selling homes, Isee something else: opportunities for my clients to earn higher sale prices with easier sale processes.

Winter may not be the traditional "selling season," your parents or grandparents told you about  but for savvy homeowners like you, it's the golden ticket to a quick and lucrative sale, on YOUR terms. In real estate terms matter as much as selling price for a lot of people, as they should. 

Over the past few years, the spring market has started earlier and earlier. Largely due to buyer demand during and post covid, that has to play a role in a smart seller's selling strategy.

Less Competition = More Attention: Around the time mid March/April comes, the for sale signs are sprouting up way ahead of the tulips that make us think of springtime.

 In January, February, March your home will likely be easier to sell, with potential buyers more willing to overlook blemishes and slightly higher priced than they should be homes. 

With fewer listings for buyers to choose from, it’s easier to grab their attention, attracting serious buyers ready to make a move.

Imagine: well planned strategic showings on your terms, smarter and more in-depth conversations about your home, and genuine offers, not just tire-kickers or nosy neighbors browsing a crowded market.

Motivated Buyers, January buyers aren't just window-shopping. They're determined to find their dream home, often with pre-approved financing and large down payments in hand. This translates to strong offers, fewer contingencies, and easier closings. You could be sipping margaritas under a Florida palm by spring before the daffodils even bloom here in New England.

Time to Shine, Inside and Out: Winter landscapes have a certain charm, don't they? With a little staging magic, your cozy fireplace becomes the heart of the home, and twinkling lights add a touch of festive warmth. You can even highlight winter-loving features like a well-insulated sunroom or a snow-covered deck perfect for snowball fights. Remember, it's all about telling the story of your home, and winter can be a beautiful part of that narrative.

Bonus Tip: Embrace the season! We host  "warm-up" open houses with hot cocoa and gingerbread cookies and other seasonal themes. We highlight local winter activities like skiing or snowshoeing and we show how your home fits seamlessly into the Essex County winter lifestyle people come from all around the world to enjoy.

Now, let's address the skeptics:

Myth: "Nobody buys houses in January." Fact: While it's true not everyone is actively house-hunting, January brings out a specific buyer: the decisive one. These are people with specific needs and a time-sensitive agenda. Be their perfect match!

Myth: "The weather will scare buyers away." Fact: Essex County winters are beautiful! Showcase your snow-covered yard, the cozy ambiance of your home, and the proximity to winter sports. Remember, most viewings happen indoors anyway.

Myth : If I sell I won't have any place to go....Well, yes and no. We are usually able to help our clients find suitable housing that makes selling at the right time even easier. If you are hoping to sell at the top of the market and invest wisely in another home you will love the list below of communities to consider.

Contact us and let's chat about how you can the winter into your selling season superpower.

Here is the area market survey pulled January 3,2024. 

As you can see, there's demand, there's strong prices and there's a lot of opportunities. 

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